Ian Ryan

Associate Director - Resources

Ian has over eight years of experience working in the mining industry in Western Australia. Four of those years were spent working underground, so he has great hands on knowledge of the industry he recruits in. Nowadays, he works primarily in the mining industry recruiting for underground and surface roles across blue and white collar.

Due to Ian’s hands on experience in the mining sector, he is in a unique position in understanding the needs and frustrations of his clients better than most. He takes his job very seriously and he always goes the extra distance to make sure his clients and candidates are happy and satisfied.

Helping businesses be the best they can be by ensuring they have the right people in the right roles is what Ian finds the most rewarding about his job. .

Ian moved to Australia from Scotland in 2012 and since then he has married and has two beautiful daughters, who have made his life much more challenging but exciting! He enjoy fitness, watching rugby and is a big supporter of Arsenal football club.

Ian's Jobs

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